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  • Isach Kbarek

    Isach Kbarek

    Working for a local county of Biak Numfor Indonesia. A PhD candidate in Comparative Government Study. An aspired blogger and content creator.

  • Wayne Leng

    Wayne Leng

    Vancouver DTES missing persons. In memory of Sarah de Vries. 1969-1998

  • Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

    Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

    Artist, writer, snail-wrangler, bee-lover and opinion-haver.

  • MünD


    poet composer singer martial artist

  • David Burrows

    David Burrows

    Creative, social and entrepreneurial. Former @Yahoo! Co-Founder @GetLaundri. Filmmaking, biz dev, marketing and technology. M+M Agency

  • ~Strigiform~


    ~I'm an Idealist, I don't know where I'm going,but I'm on my way~"Laying on aside.." comedian https://twitter.com/search/from:xaimmadellynne

  • Audree Fletcher

    Audree Fletcher

    Leader — digital/product/service design/research/strategy — and mother

  • it's got ghosts

    it's got ghosts

    autodidact; tornado pilot

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